Daniel Ifrah, LCSW, is the founder of Aspier.org, a movement focused on improving quality of life for those managing Asperger’s Syndrome, ASD, and other rigidity issues such as ELP. He is well experienced in the treatment of children and adolescents managing behavioral issues, anxiety, and OCD, and builds connections with patients of all ages, during all phases of treatment. Specializing in diagnosing and treating individuals with behavioral and/or social rigidities such as ASD and Asperger’s, Daniel collaborates with Dr. Winnie Lau Ph.D, the protege of Professor Tony Attwood Ph.D in Brisbane, Au. These world-renowned experts are pioneers in the field and are at the forefront of cutting edge ASD research.

Daniel’s uncanny ability to connect with clients has earned him the reputation of ‘the go to therapist’ when clients have experienced unsuccessful outcomes in past therapeutic settings. 

He maintains his private practice in Lakewood, N.J.